Room type




IN:16:00~20:00・OUT:10:00/No curfew・24H going in and out Free

Room Equipment

RoomKey、Airconditioner、Rest room、Free Wi-Fi、Washbowl 、Bedclothes、TV、Cold storage、Ele kettle、Hairdryer、Mirror、Toothbrush Set

Hotel Equipment

Shower room×2 (shampoo/soap)、Rest room×3、Microwave×2、Antiseptic、Security Camera

Rental equipments

Towel (¥100)、Bath Towel. (¥400)、iron (¥300)、washer (¥300/40min)、Dryer (¥100/15min)、umbrella (free)

●All rooms are non-smoking.There is a smoking area outside.
●There are no shops,sleepwear, cooking utensils, etc.
●For continuous stays, it is recommended to change sheets for 3 or 4 days.
●There is no parking lot and there is nearby coin parking.

※Due to the structure of the building, you may hear the sound of the road and the sound of living next to you indoors.