A convenient inn ideal for sightseeing in Tokyo
We support a comfortable trip at a great price.


No curfew, free entry and exit 24 hours a day
Tokyo Tower at night is beautiful!


During your stay,
the scenery unique to Japan will be memorable.


The Imperial Palace is one of the most attractive places to visit Tokyo.


Why don't you take a walk through
the good old Japanese streets that are safe?


Tokyo's sense of scale is an attraction that no other city can match.


The heart of hospitality heals tourists during the beautiful cherry blossom season.


Why don't you visit Asakusa,
one of the most popular tourist spots in the world?



Welcome to YADOKAN

We are working to combat infectious diseases.
Please stay here with peace of mind.


IN:16:00~20:00・OUT:10:00/No Curfew・24H Going In And Out Free
Non-personal self-check-in is recommended.


Please pay the accommodation fee in advance by credit card when making a reservation. Cash payment is not accepted.


YADOKAN is in an old building, but the rooms are kept clean. Please wear a mask in the common areas of the building.


YADOKAN is close to Shibuya and Shinjuku. This is a very convenient location in Tokyo. The surrounding area is a residential area, so it is a quiet place.

Foreigners Welcome

We have had many foreigners visit us so far. Both short and long term stays are welcome. Please feel at home. Our staff does not speak English very well.


OMOIYARI is the feeling of caring for others in Japanese. We will prepare OMOIYARI with as little contact as possible with the guests.

As a base for traveling to Japan

Easy and simple.

Showa style Room

The name of the current Japanese era is Reiwa.
Reiwa → Heisei → Showa.Yadokan is Showa style!
This is a retro apartment inn.Close to Shinjuku and Shibuya.


simple inn just to sleep

Believe in your sensibilities and enjoy Japan

Favorites Movies

Yadokan selection. Introduction of popular areas in Tokyo

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Interesting inn.

" Shimokitazawa is one stop away. Walking distance. Rooms are private. You can make a payment in advance. Thank you for your kindness!I chose a room with a shared shower room and toilet. It was very clean.A little simpler than a business hotel, but the price is reduced."

Akira / Male / 50s

Feeling like living alone in Tokyo.

" I used this hotel for my business trip.I was very grateful for the various considerations. The room was like "living alone in Tokyo," which gave me a fresh feeling.You can hear the sound of the road outside through the window, but it's not too bad.uced. "

Cab / Male / 30s

Thank you very much for your help.

" I came to Tokyo on an errand for my relatives. They were very flexible with the changes. The style of non-interference is very comfortable if there is no business from me. The room was old but clean and cozy. The futon was also clean and comfortable to sleep on. You can hear the sound of the road outside through the window, but it's not too bad. "

Eri / Female / 40s


" I've been a fan of this hotel since my first stay three years ago, and this is my third time staying here. It is very attractive to be near the station and the city center. The best part is that when I come back from outings, I feel like I'm in my own room. "

cptb / Male / 50s

Stayed here for my daughter's exam.

" We stayed here just to sleep with our parents. It is located along the road, but the noise didn't bother us that much. We could hear people coming back from outings at night, though. The room was right next to the front door, so it couldn't be helped. If you just want to sleep, the cost performance is good. "

HANA / Female / 40s

On the way to touring.

" I have used this hotel many times. It is a comfortable place to stay. There are no business hotels in this area.It is inexpensive and very convenient. "

Dai / Male / 50s

Thank you for your hospitality.

" This is the third time I have used this inn. I really appreciate this inn. It's close to Shimokitazawa, so you can stay here in a relaxed atmosphere. It feels like your own room.I would like to stay here again. "

Crea / female / 30s

Inexpensive anyway.

" This was the cheapest place to stay for a night. It has a refrigerator, so I have no complaints. It was old but clean.The shower room and toilet are small but OK. I would like to stay here again. "

Teru / female / 60s

Stayed here for work.

" Very convenient location. The location is good enough for me. It is also inexpensive. The shower and toilet are nice.I will stay here again. "

Moon / female / 50s

Convenient and smooth.

" This was my second time to stay here. There is a public bath nearby, a supermarket, and a train station close by. I think the price is unbeatable for Tokyo.I would stay here again if I had the chance! "

Jun / Male / 30s

It was comfortable.

" We chose a spacious room and had a comfortable stay. In the summer, I just took a shower, but this time I used the public bath in the neighborhood for the first time. It's nice to warm up in winter.I am very happy to stay in this place at this price. "

Yuki / female / 30s


Access Map


Shinjuku Sta.


Shibuya Sta.


Tokyo Sta.


Haneda AirPort